What is Conscious Coliving?

​Conscious coliving is shared housing designed to support a conscious and purpose-driven life. We take the concept of coliving - housing where residents share living space and have access to communal services - to a deeper level. We consider the small design details and community rituals that make a place feel like home and proactively facilitate a culture of co-creation and personal growth. Conscious coliving is what happens when a group of people living together co-create an intentional culture and work towards a shared purpose and lifestyle vision.


Is Tech Farm just for techies? I don't code or run a tech business, can I still apply?

Of course. We use the name Tech Farm to capture the combination of community belonging that exists in the countryside (Farm) with the global connectivity of the urban lifestyle (Tech). We want to bring diversity into all of our properties. Tech Farm is for anyone who shares our passion for personal growth, lifestyle design, sustainability and social change. We are open to all ages, cultures and professions.

What makes Tech Farm different from other coliving brands or boutique hotels? What’s it like to live at a Tech Farm property?

We try to make life as simple as possible having cleaners and regular take-away dinners or an in-house chef. We also collectively pre-buy our groceries and cook together. We all take turns to host activities such as trips, yoga, startup events, cinema or whatever someone wants to initiate. On the professional side we also take an active interest in each other’s work. We share connections, ideas, skills and also initiate collaborations. Many common projects have been born on the sofa and in the sauna, one of them being Tech Farm.

We are also passionate about smart design and sustainability. We want our buildings to not only be zero waste, but also to be energy positive. We make sure every building has super-fast wifi connectivity and access to a private space to work. We try to bring light and nature into the architecture of our buildings and we are excited by the potential of using microbiology and mechanical engineering to recycle waste water.

In essence, Tech Farm is smart-housing redesigned for global citizens, who are building purpose-driven businesses and careers. It’s a place where you go to co-create a conscious lifestyle with amazing people who also want to make positive difference in the communities and the environment in which they live.


How much does it cost?

Diversity is something that is very important to us. We want Tech Farm to be as inclusive and accessible as possible. We offer a range of rooms from bunks to large double bedrooms. We have a simple and fair formula for pricing rooms based on room size and features. Our prices start from £450 / 5,000 SEK per month and go up to £1800 / 20,000 SEK. Our foundation also offers grants and discounted rates to residents who could not otherwise afford to stay with us.

Can I share a room? How much does that cost?

Up to two people may share a room (friends, couples, partners, etc). All prices are per room, not per person. However, we do invite guest to make a donation toward a collective fund that we invest into house events, projects and adventures.

How long may I stay? How long must I stay?


We have a diverse range of commercial and residential properties, each with their own regulations on occupancy. In most cases we offer a range of short (per night / month) to long term stays (3-12 months). We give preference to people who want to live with us longer, because the community is stronger when people stick around for awhile. We also run monthly decelerator challenges where we invite old and new members to join us for one month of pure deceleration.

What happens to my home while I am at a Tech Farm?

While you live the Tech Farm lifestyle, you can either give up your existing residence, sublet it yourself or work with an AirBnB service provider (like Flatbook, Hostmaker or Pillow) that will take care of your rental and maybe even earn some money for you to offset your travel costs.


Where and when will you open the next Tech Farm?

Tech Farm is expanding into new cities and is actively seeking suggestions for where to open next. If you know of a great property or have a city in mind that positively needs a Tech Farm, please contact us.


Can I talk to a real live person and ask more probing questions?

Of course! Contact our founder Lisa (lisa@techfarm.se) directly, and she’ll answer any questions you have.



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