The business
Tech Farm is a purpose-driven real estate venture, specialising in coliving.
We bring a unique Swedish flavour to an emerging real estate market, combining high quality space-efficient design with frameworks for co-creating an inclusive and authentic house culture.
Our markets
As a business we focus on three coliving frontiers; city centres, suburbs and the countryside. Our preference is to buy land and then to develop and manage our own properties. However, we are also open to form franchise partnerships on a local level to scale our community of conscious global citizens. 
Our core product
The Coliving Tower
The average size of an single apartment in Stockholm is 50 sqm. In Tech Farm each resident has 20 sqm and 50 % of that is shared space. In a 5000 sqm building that means 2500 sqm of living rooms, kitchens, work areas, bookable rooms, spas and gyms. Your micro-apartment is 10 sqm with your own bathroom.Our recipe for increased life quality is not only the access to facilities, but rather the sense of belonging from co-creating a home with like-minded people. We believe that in creating physical spaces that reconnect us with ourselves and each other, we will be able to inspire a lasting shift in behaviour within our society.
When you colive you share a living room, kitchen, work areas, bookable rooms and household cleaners. In some houses you also share a car, a chef, a spa room and green houses. When sharing resources with your community you have access to more but with less pressure on the environment and your personal finance.
Research project
Space efficient living of the future
In 2016 we received €1 million in grant funding from the Swedish government (Vinnova) to develop our solution in collaboration with 10 partners and researchers to create the world’s most space efficient living solutions for long-term residency. We are prototyping smart sleeping pods, multi-functional communal areas, a conscious leadership and wellbeing programme, a digital platform, and a global expansion strategy.
Our vision is to launch 100 coliving properties in startup cities across the globe within the next 10 years. 

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